Our Allegiance

The Power of our Allegiance

With Erika’s Homecare, you’ll get person-directed care that empowers and includes the client. We seek to make meaningful connections and build trust, which improve an individual’s interest in following a health plan. You’ll find that, in this way, we care for the whole person and not just their condition. We also make it a priority to facilitate communication with any involved providers and loved ones, so that everyone stays in the loop.

Contact Us

Erika’s Homecare strives to remove the stress of finding a trusted in-home senior caregiving by making home care human. You’ll always be able to reach a live person on the phone 24/7, and we can strive to have a caregiver to your door within hours if needed, so we’re there when you need us. Whether your home-care needs are full time, a few hours a week, or only on an emergency basis, our compassionate, engaging team is here for you.

Request a complimentary evaluation to discuss your home-care needs by calling 203-549-8045 today.

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